Hola! We are a group of people who are passionate about traveling and helping people to do it consciously with practical tools and information. We consider ourselves ambassadors of the Peruvian culture for having lived and traveled through the North, Center and South of this beautiful and complex country. Our network of local contacts -Local Links- cover a large part of the national territory to offer you valuable information that helps you make the best decisions before and during your trips. We offer you 24/7 attention!

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Back to the Future

What do we see when we visit places like Machu Picchu? – Harmony.

Our ancestors had a strong connection with everything around them, and that allowed them to translate their vision into reality. These turbulent times for humanity in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic have shown us that there is much to do and much at stake in a new world, still under construction. This is a new opportunity to take care of ourselves, learn, share, and build a better future; one that we can all help materialize through our actions. One of them is to travel with conscience and we are your contact in Peru to do it!

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